September 19, 2020

By: Karisa Simon

How are we in September already? The beginning of summer felt like a few weeks ago, but now Christmas is only 100 days away. I want to avoid getting caught up in pandemic shipping hassles, so I’m going to get started on my holiday shopping early. Follow me and learn more about why and how you should shop local this year.

Why is shopping local important?

When community members shop locally, there are many advantages that benefit the community and local business members. We build a stronger economy when we keep dollars local and help support future growth. Another great advantage of shopping local is creating a cleaner environment. Studies have shown that when we shop locally it can reduce individual ecological footprints. Also, shopping locally gives you first-hand access to unique and exclusive items that you may not find anywhere else.

I enjoy shopping, especially at novelty stores – a store that sells unique items or portrays a certain aesthetic that you cannot find anywhere else. Oakville’s BIAs have an abundance of novelty stores, so follow along with me as I check them out and document what makes them so unique.

First Stop: Kerr Village


Dove + Arrow

Dove+ Arrow is a home decor store in the heart of Kerr Village that sells local goods and features DIY workshops and supplies. The store’s modern-rustic aesthetic makes it the cutest shop ever. Dove+Arrow is also a certified Fusion Mineral Paint merchant. They carry an array of paint options for all your DIY needs. This store is perfect for anyone who has a creative side.

Lords of War

Lords of War

Lords of War is Oakville’s premier hobby destination. This store has a wide range of fun products to satisfy your activity needs, such as board and card games, hobby products, tabletop games and more. This store is one of the best places in Oakville for hobby kits!

All the materials that you would need to create miniatures, like brushes and paint, are also available. The friendly and talented staff are always ready to help you find your next game or give you tips on creating miniatures. Stop by and take a look or grab a miniature set to paint.

Kind Matter Company

Kind Matter Company

Be kind to yourself and the earth and visit the Kind Matter Company. This eco-conscious company sells sustainable merchandise, from bath and body products to refillables. This store is perfect for eco-conscious shoppers or shoppers who would like to reduce their ecological footprint. The Kind Matter Company strives to guide families through their transition to eco-friendly ways. They have products that would be perfect for a gift.

Second Stop: Bronte Village



EcoFillosophy is a low-waste, plastic-free and eco-friendly boutique in Bronte Village. This shop sells sustainable living products and is another local refillery. From biodegradable lip balm to reusable straws, this shop has a wide range of eco-friendly products. 

Lakeside Livin’

Lakeside Livin'

Up the street from EcoFillosophy is the nautical Lakeside Livin’ store. This boutique sells one-of-a-kind lake-inspired home decor items. Lakeside Livin’ also carries bridal, baby,  kitchen decor and official NHL face masks. They have masks from many teams and all royalties from the mask are going to the Canadian Food Bank. Three masks are in a pack and are only being sold for $39.95? What a steal! There are endless possibilities and truly something for everyone at Lakeside Livin’.

Ananda Soul

From the moment you enter Ananda Soul until you leave its doors, you feel calming energy and a sense of tranquility. Uncover a wide variety of crystals and stones, energy sprays, essential oils, incense and smudge, Tarots and Oracle cards, and jewellery. If you need a deeper connection to your souls, energy healing or want to feel tranquility and peace, Ananda Soul is a place you must visit.

Last Stop: Downtown Oakville



Do you love to cook and bake? Well if you do, Nicetys is the perfect store for you. Nicetys is a kitchenware and giftware shop in Downtown Oakville. This family-friendly store is the perfect place to visit when you are cooking a new dish or looking for a gift for any occasion. Thanksgiving is around the corner and Nicety’s products will surely help you make your meal look outstanding.

Maker’s Mojo

This store is every gift-givers dream! Maker’s Mojo carries unique retail items that are hand-made by Canadians. I have never been to a store that exclusively sells handmade products. From pottery pieces to jewellery, you will not find a store that is more unique than this one.


The Home Body Studio

New store alert! The doors of  Homebody are finally open in Downtown Oakville. This modern-chic lifestyle store is a must-visit whenever you are in the area. It carries a collection of products for the home and for the body. Clothing, home fragrances, jewellery, beauty products and more. The store and its products are so gorgeous that once you enter, you will not want to leave!

When we have shopping to do, we typically take the easy path and head to the mall or pick up our phones and browse the aisles of online stores. But keeping your dollars local is very important. In fact, it is more important today, as more and more local stores are reopening and readjusting their operational plans. Visit these amazing stores or others in Oakville’s BIAs and support the local shop owners and their staff. I promise that you won’t be disappointed with what these stores have to offer. There is truly something for everyone.