Monday – Saturday: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Sunday: Closed

Adriana Roa, Ananda’s sole proprietor of Ananda Soul in Oakville, has over 20 years of experience in the alternative and holistic fields.

After her many experiences, over the years, Adriana decided it was time to share her knowledge and experience. Ananda is a place where Adriana can offer a combination of alternative therapies within a store and a space where she can deliver personalized workshops to small groups. The variety of services she offers is based on her belief that every person has a specific need.

Adriana is a Reiki Master, and combines this over-a-century-old therapy with the emanating energy from crystals and stones. In addition, Adriana has multiple skills and a strong knowledge-base from her years of training as a Transpersonal Coach professional, Aura-Soma practitioner, certified Angel Practitioner, and Certified Infant Massage Trainer. Nowadays, people deal with a lot of stress in different aspects of their lives. The stress starts to accumulate in the body, the mind, and emotionally. These stressors don’t allow the person to enjoy life; they ultimately transform into ailments or illness.

Through the therapies and services offered at Ananda, Adriana can help to balance the client’s energy, supporting and guiding them in their daily challenges, personal growth, and awareness.

Ananda’s vision is to offer a safe space of tranquility, love, healing, connection with your soul, wisdom, and learning. Ananda wants to offer the community a variety of services in the wellness field. We believe that because we’re all different, some therapies are going to resonate better for you.