Gyökér Hair

Gyoker Hair

Wednesday – Friday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Sunday – Tuesday: Closed

As Oakville’s exclusive Odjibik Scalp Spa, we offer more than temporary concealment of damaged hair by repairing and rejuvenating your real hair from the root, in a natural way. We dare to call ourselves pioneers in the hair care industry.

While most hair salon treatments simulate thick, healthy hair, by coating the cuticle, we offer a revolutionary, holistic, natural and sustainable solution to thinning, damaged hair. We recondition and rejuvenate your scalp skin. Hair roots are strengthened; the root causes are addressed rather than simulating a temporarily cover-up for unhealthy hair conditions.

At gyökér hair, we care for your scalp in the same way that a aesthetician cares for your face. Our Odjibik regimen includes: eliminating flakes (mixture of sebum/oil and dead skin), exfoliating buildup (flake and product buildup) from deep skin around hair roots, disinfecting both surface and deep skin, using low level ozone, hydrating the scalp, unclogging pores, stimulating scalp muscles (weak muscles that do not move much), and improving and restoring broken capillaries and blood vessels. Finally, we infuse nutrients into deep scalp skin and root areas.

such as galvanic workstations, especially and exclusively designed for scalp treatment. These remarkable machines can manipulate positive and negative ions. A positive charge, with our select formula products, reaches deep scalp skin around hair roots and exfoliates buildup, and excessive oil/sebum.

When we infuse nutrients and hydration with our exclusively formulated scalp serum, a negative charge is used to reach the deep skin because negative and positive charges will attract each other and easily penetrate hair root areas.