June 21, 2022

Oakville Curling Club is a world-class facility located in historic Downtown Oakville.

Since the club opened its doors in 1954, it has become a hub for curling enthusiasts in the region. Today, it is host to some notable national competitions, such as Curling Canada’s 2022 Canadian Under-18 boys and girls curling championships.

For some time, the demographic of curling has not reflected the growing diversity among Canadians. To help the situation, the Oakville Curling Club tries to introduce and promote this sport to everyone regardless of their ethnic background.

Chris Wei is a Canadian of Asian heritage descent and the manager of the Oakville Curling Club. Truly dedicated to his job, he is at the forefront of making curling a more inclusive sport. Guided by the club’s mission to “sustain and grow the sport of curling in our community,” Chris has been working hard to ensure that the club members  reflect Oakville’s diverse population. His goal is to open doors for people of all cultures and backgrounds, provide a comfortable club, and welcome them to join.

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