March 18, 2022

It’s Women’s History Month and we’re celebrating by highlighting some of Oakville’s incredible women-owned businesses! 

Today, we’re taking a look at Lakeside Livin’, a small boutique home decor store In Bronte Village owned by Rose Luxton. 

Taking her lakeside location to heart, Rose offers plenty of nautical-themed decor, as well as items and gifts for weddings, children, house warmings and more! Those looking for seasonal decor will love their rotating selections of tea towels, decorations, tableware and artwork. 

You won’t want to sleep on their candles and soaps either! This is the perfect place to find a unique Oakville memento to take home with you. 

Keep reading to learn more about Lakeside Livin’ from Rose herself:

Q: Why did you start your business?

A: I started my business to pursue a lifelong dream of having a small shop with unique items that I am passionate about. I wanted to have a place where I would know my customers by name and where they would feel comfortable coming in to share and talk with me. 

Q: What’s a fun fact about your business that people might not know?

A:  We get a great mix of locals and visitors, so our shop is a fun place to browse, meet new people and learn more about Oakville. 

Q: What’s the most popular item in your store?

A: Nautical / Cottage/ Boater home décor items are definitely very popular for us . Hostess gifts and wedding and baby gifts are also something people come in for. 

Q: What’s an item that people might sleep on but definitely need to try?

A: Our artwork is and signs. We have a great selection to match any tastes. 

Q: What is your favourite product in the store?

A:  I absolutely love our Thymes Line. Candles, soaps, reed diffusers, room spray ect. I also love our Mud Pie collection that consists of table top items, pillows and more. 

Q: What items should people buy if they’re looking to take a little bit of Oakville home with them?

A: Anything nautical such as our collection of boats or lighthouses. We also have incredibly cute mugs with lighthouses on them just like the ones on Oakville’s lakeshore.

Q: Why is your store a can’t-miss destination for people exploring Oakville?

A: It’s a fun place to just come in to get inspired. A place with a variety of different unique gifts you can’t really find just anywhere.

Q: What makes Oakville such a great shopping destination?

A: Oakville has it all!! We have award-winning shops that are small and intimate. The customer service is outstanding and the product lines are very desirable. Not to mention amazing restaurants and specialty shops.

Q: Where do you recommend people go after they’ve picked up their souvenirs from your store?

A: The lake for sure!! It’s such a can’t-miss destination in Oakville and Bronte usually has their Muskoka chair displays up. 

Q: Why should people visit Oakville?

A: Oakville offers you everything you could possibly want! Great atmosphere, great parks, great restaurants and wonderful specialty shops with a backdrop of a gorgeous lakefront that will make you feel that you are where you need to be, a happy place!

To learn more about Lakeside Livin’, visit their website here: