October 6, 2021

Reposted from the Town of Oakville

Parking sensors, digital information kiosks, public Wi-Fi and more will be installed by March 2022

Downtown Oakville is getting digital with plans underway to install parking sensors, digital information kiosks, public Wi-Fi and more.

Beginning in October 2021, about 1,200 parking sensors will be installed in downtown Oakville streets and parking lots to better manage parking. The sensors will enable the town to provide real time information to help customers find available parking spaces in downtown Oakville. The phased installation will begin October 4, 2021 and will temporarily impact a minimal area of parking at a time as the installation progresses through downtown Oakville.

Digital information kiosks, free public Wi-Fi and pedestrian counters will also be installed along Lakeshore Road East between Navy and Allen streets in the coming months to enhance the visitor experience. The three digital information kiosks will help visitors learn more about what is happening in downtown Oakville, while free public Wi-Fi, which will be available to all downtown visitors by March 2022, will help people stay connected. Pedestrian counters will be installed and will only be capturing foot traffic data along Lakeshore Road East. This data will be used to understand seasonal trends and provide meaningful information to transportation planning to make evidence-based decisions and improve access to services.

These initiatives are among a number smart city technologies the town is implementing through the Digital Oakville Plan. The town continues to invest in technology that connects the community and collects data that can help enhance town services.

Learn more about the town’s Digital Strategy.