September 9, 2021

By: Lauren Lim

This is your sign to take it slow, relax and have an at-home spa day courtesy of Oakville’s Maison Apothecare!

Every single product is created and tested by their founder, formulator and president: Natacha Rey.

Being a homeopath, Natacha combined her knowledge and passion of eco-friendly, non-toxic and high quality products into this beloved line. Products include skincare, bath products, aromas, cleaning essentials and family care.

Follow along below for all the best tips to create your at-home spa day:

Set the atmosphere:

Maison Apothecare has a variety of essential oil blends for you to choose from that will set the mood right from the beginning.

Pick up a diffuser from their store or use the one you already have on hand! This will have your space smelling exactly like your own personal spa.

Set up some candles for a cozy glow, some calming music to relax your mind, and start running a bath for yourself!

Take a look at their beautiful storefront on 6 Lakeshore Rd. E for inspiration!

Create your own formula:

Maison Apothecare can help create your own custom body wash, hand wash and bubble bath soap!

Start off by choosing the remedy blend of your choice, choose your bottle size, watch a fresh formula be made right in front of you, and create your personalized label.

There are four main groups of blends to choose from: Energize, Calm, Immune and Sleep. Unsure of what to pick? Let their experts answer any questions or concerns you may have to pick the perfect scent for you!

Ready-to-go formula:

If you’re looking for something already curated, check out their spa salts and bath bombs!

Their vegan hand-crafted bath bombs are not only beautiful, but will also have your skin feeling soothed, refreshed and silky smooth.

Adding some spa salts to your spa day is also essential! Spend some time relaxing in your bath as you breathe in the calming aromas. These products are made with sensitive skin in mind – perfect for every skin type!


Their tried-and-true best seller is their healing oil. There are no added fragrances, synthetic ingredients or chemicals, so you know your skin is only getting the good stuff. At Maison Apothecare, they believe that skin care should be food for the skin! This plant-based product can be used for the face, body and hair. Its ingredients include: avocado oil, argan oil, calendula oil, vitamin E and neroli oil.

Their skincare products range from toners, to creams, lip balms, and night serums. Work with an expert to create your very own skincare routine made of their all-natural products! No matter the extent of your knowledge or the skincare issues you want to tackle, they have products for all skin types and concerns.

Stay fresh on the go:

Finish off your look with their natural lip balm, cheek tints, and perfumes! Pair your favourite essential oil with their perfume necklace. This beautiful accessory holds your choice of essential oil, doubling as a to-go perfume bottle.

If you’re heading out right after your spa treatment, try their mask infusers. Spray your mask with a spritz of Citrus Sunshine, Lavender Garden, Calming Care or True North for comfort while staying safe.

Bring the spa to the rest of your home:

With Maison Apothecare products, even household tasks can feel soothing. Their signature Lemon Aide line keeps your home smelling fresh and sparkling clean with naturally antibacterial essential oils. This line is completely non-toxic, meaning no harmful chemicals are used to ensure it is family friendly.

Need a Lemon Aide refill? Stock up on their product refills that are packaged with recyclable materials! Order beforehand to pick up in Oakville or have it delivered right to your home.

Gentlemen’s Apothecary Line + Sleepy Owl Baby Line:

Get the whole fam involved! Shop the Gentlemen’s Apothecary Line and Sleepy Owl Baby Line for all their self-care and body-care needs. Gentlemen’s products include after shave, shower gel, solid cologne and more!

For all the babies out there, this sensitive, safe and soothing line of products includes chamomile body lotion, baby wash, bottom balm and more.

Time to wind down

Shoutout to Maison Apothecare for creating these natural products that allow us to relax in our everyday lives! Head on over to their store to inspire your next spa-day, and invest in their high-quality products while taking care of yourself.

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