August 11, 2021

Reposted from Town of Oakville

Key actions restore community vibrancy, support local businesses and keep our community safe

At Monday’s meeting, Council approved the Transitioning to COVID-19 Interim Recovery Action Plan which builds on Council’s strategic directions and strategies to support recovery and “build back better” initiatives.

“As the provincial vaccine rollout continues to progress, the town can begin to turn towards recovery and planning for transition to the post-pandemic reality,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “Staff are already rolling out several initiatives and looking toward the future to support our staff, our residents and our businesses to recover and thrive again.”

The town’s recovery action plan focuses on innovation, safety and financial stability by adopting modern approaches, expanding online services, supporting local businesses, and leveraging provincial and federal funding opportunities.

The plan has several key recommendations for the next 18 months under five key areas of focus:

  1. Restoring our community vibrancy
  2. Supporting our local businesses
  3. Keeping our community safe
  4. Keeping our corporation resilient
  5. Preserving our strong financial health

Over the course of the pandemic the town introduced a number of innovations which will be reviewed as part of the 2021-22 COVID-19 Recovery Action Plan for viability and integration for a longer term. The town will also continue to accelerate the modernization of services, further enhance business continuity and expand access to services keeping in mind the evolving public health directives and legislation. In addition, recovery efforts will be coordinated with all municipal partners as needed to leverage opportunities, advocate for funding and influence policy.

To help with the success of the recovery action plan Council also approved an interim 2021 Community Investment Plan to support neighbourhood groups, Business Improvement Areas and sport organizations through their restart and recovery in 2021. Unspent 2020 funds from the town’s tax rate stabilization reserve will be invested in the following ways: $18,500 for the Sport Development Grant program; $52,000 for the Special Event Fee Waiver program to support community events and activity during the recovery; and $6,000 for the Community Spirit Awards to recognize 2019 and 2020 nominations in 2021.

For more details read the Transitioning to COVID-19 Interim Recovery Staff Report (item 9.2 on the August 9, 2021 Council Agenda).