July 24, 2021

By: Lauren Lim

Not to be dramatic or anything, but if I could turn back time, I’d definitely try stand up paddleboarding sooner. Oakville has so many sports and recreational activities to choose from, and I thought I’d try it and see what all the fuss was about! Keep on reading to see where I rented my equipment, my activities for the day and some beginner tips!

Hiker’s Haven

Hiker’s Haven is a well-known outdoor retailer in Oakville that provides daily rates for rentals of stand up paddleboard (SUPs) and all the equipment you’ll need to get started (SUP, paddle, personal flotation device (a.k.a. PFDs), safety kit, air pump with tube attachment, and a large carry bag for easy transportation). For liability purposes, only those with a credit card can rent SUPs! Your credit card information will be copied on a piece of paper, and given back to you once you’ve returned all items.

The SUPs available for rent are inflatable, making it easy to toss in any car! I booked my rental in advance and was able to set a specific day and time for pickup. Make sure you also plan ahead before your day out, as it helps Hiker’s Haven plan and keep count of all their rentals. Because I was launching at 6 a.m. and only needed it for one day, I picked up my rental right before they closed on Saturday at 6 p.m., then returned it by Sunday before close.

The staff at Hiker’s Haven were absolutely incredible! They showed me all the equipment that was included, the purpose for each and how to pump the inflatable SUP properly. I highly recommend asking them any questions you may have before you leave with your rental.

To see the full list of Hiker’s Haven rentals, click here.

Address: 166 South Service Rd E, Oakville, ON L6J 2X5

What I Packed

As always, making a list of things to bring is essential! This will help you keep track of any items you may need and lose the risk of forgetting anything important.


  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Towels
  • Flipflops
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Change of dry clothes
  • Plastic Bags
  • Wallet
  • Large tarp/old bed sheet
  • Old rag/towel

Chill Time

  • Lawn Chairs
  • Books
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Cute clothes for brunch

Make sure to pack everything the night before to save time in the morning! This really helped me get out of the house at the crack of dawn. Now it’s time to get paddle boarding!

Sunrise Paddleboarding at Sheldon Creek Park

Sheldon Creek Park was a beautiful location for sunrise paddleboarding, with its rocky beach, as well as larger rocks for sitting along the shore to watch the waves and the sky change colours. There’s ample space for parking along Shoreline Drive, with pathways that connect directly to the par

Address: Oakville, ON L6L 2Y4

I loved the amount of open lawn-space, as it gave me space to comfortably inflate my SUP. I also wanted to take some pictures and videos on the paddleboard itself, so I brought a lanyard with a plastic badge large enough for my phone. My phone is waterproof so this method worked well for me, but if yours isn’t, remember to bring a waterproof phone case/pouch!

I also brought some family members with me to try SUP and to keep an eye out for me for added safety!

My first attempt at paddleboarding was anything but glamorous, but the amount of fun I had made up for it. I hopped on the SUP and rested on my knees, helping me stabilize. The few times I did stand up, I made sure to bend my knees slightly to stay balanced. After a couple of minutes, I noticed my arms were getting tired and decided to head back and watch the sunrise from the rocky beach.

The sun was neon pink and streamed through the clouds. Pictures won’t do it justice! This is an experience you have to see for yourself. After watching the sunrise, I thought I’d check out the rocky beach at Lakeside Park.

Let’s relax

The variety in scenery at Lakeside Park is insane! There are beautiful historic buildings like the Oakville Museum (which is now open for pre-booked tours), beautiful gardens with summer flowers, a rocky beach, playgrounds, a splash pad and a pier. I brought some lawn chairs and books for a much-needed break on the rocky beach.

Redemption at Sixteen Mile Creek

This is THE place to go for launching your paddleboard, canoe or kayak! There’s a launching point right behind Oakville Central Public Library at 120 Navy St. Once you reach Busby Park, keep walking until you’re right under Randall St. You’ll see this popular public launching ramp below, right beside the CharterAbility dock!

On either side of Sixteen Mile Creek, the water is relatively still, making it perfect for beginner paddle boarders. You’ll see many other people engaging in water sports and recreational activities, which made me feel safe! As we passed by others on the creek, many people waved, smiled, and started up conversations. As the paddleboards hold a maximum weight of 275 lbs., I was able to paddleboard with my sister at the same time. I recommend this as you’re able to turn quicker and gain much more speed than if you were alone (it’s also just a lot more fun!). Soaking up the sun while paddleboarding was so calming and peaceful, the perfect activity to wrap up my weekend.

After all this activity, we were ready for some good brunch eats at The Crepe Kitchen!

Brunch time!

The Crepe Kitchen is now open for both patio and indoor dining! Currently they only accept walk-ins. Now that the maximum dining time is 1.5 hours, take a look at their online menu beforehand to save on time! Also, be prepared for any changes in weather. If it starts to rain, restaurants will close their patio. Be ready for last minute takeout boxes, indoor dining or other backup restaurants. There was a large parking lot across the Crepe Kitchen, along with many other curbside parking spaces!

Quick facts on paid parking 

  • Hours of operation: Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Parking is free Sunday, on holidays and after 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday
  • Parking meters and pay and display machines that can be found on-street
  • Parking lots have pay-by-plate machines which require the entry of your license plate during the payment process
  • They accept  $0.25, $1 and $2 coins
  • The Honk Mobile app is a great way for you to see available parking spaces near any Oakville destination! It also offers in-app payment, along with notifications that tell you when your meter is almost up, allowing for you to extend your time without having to go back to your car!
  • Downtown Oakville is also home to select EV charging stations for those with electric vehicles

My sister and I tried the Spanish Savoury Crepe (chorizo sausage, red peppers, onions, potatoes, cheddar cheese) and the We’re Jammin Sweet Crepe (strawberry jam, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, sprinkles, whipped cream). These crepes were so delicious, it’s no wonder they won the Best Brunch Talk of the Town Award! The patio was so cute and the staff were kind and welcoming.

This was a perfect summer day full of new activities, great food, and relaxation. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I’m already planning my next SUP experience and highly recommend that you do too!

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