July 15, 2021

By: Lauren Lim

Crack Pot Studio is one of Oakville’s most beloved establishments, offering pottery painting and clay building activities since 1995 (26 years – wow).

This bright, spacious studio is a welcoming place that encourages people to get in touch with their creative side no matter their skill level, age or budget! There’s an activity for everyone, as they offer a variety of workshops, classes and space for parties and team building activities.

They’ve adapted beautifully to COVID restrictions, offering online gift cards and paint-at-home kits, available for pickup or delivery. With restrictions lifting, they are now accepting in-person studio reservations for pottery painting.

Wilma Spence, Crack Pot’s owner, took the time to answer common questions about pottery and share some heartwarming memories!

What is the difference between ceramics and pottery?

Generally, ‘pottery’ refers to a vessel or container made out of clay. ‘Ceramics’ refers to anything made of fired clay materials including pottery or space shuttle tiles. Both are commonly used interchangeably though.

What if I’m not creative, can I still give it a try?

Of course, anyone can try pottery. Our employees can help find your inspiration and brainstorm ideas with you. Each person is creative in their own way and every pottery item painted or made at the studio is one of a kind.

What would you say to someone who’s hesitant to start?

We always like to tell customers to enjoy the process and don’t worry about the end results. It’s so wonderful watching children paint because they always enjoy the process. Sometimes as adults we worry too much about the end result.

What are some of your favourite ready-to-paint pieces?

Currently, some of our favourite pottery items are our new textured pots and planters. The studio also has a new selection of glazes that look so beautiful on these pots.

Any heartwarming/funny memories in the studio? (personal or customer story)

One beautiful memory we have at the studio was this couple that came in and painted two dinner plates with a silhouette of their family holding a baby. They were using these plates to announce their pregnancy to their parents. They took each family out to dinner and used that plate as the bread plate, once all the bread was cleared off, they realized the amazing news.

We’ve had some very sweet promposal pottery painted at the studio too. One boyfriend painted a cup and saucer for his girlfriend to ask her to prom. He wrote his message on the saucer that way when she lifted her cup she saw the message. She said yes!

We’ve also had some incredible pottery painted here with the words, “Will you marry me?”. It’s so beautiful that we get to help people with these wonderful occasions and they always bring a smile to our faces.

If you’re ready to make lifelong memories like many Oakville residents have been doing for nearly three decades, head on over to Crack Pot Studio at 301 Robinson Street. Fall in love with your creative side again or discover it for the very first time!

Crack Pot Studio is fully wheelchair accessible and has two designated parking spots in front of their studio. It is located near two town parking lots and has metered parking on the side streets. Parking is free after 6PM and on Sundays!

Crack Pot Studio
301 Robinson Street
(905) 338-1358

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