February 11, 2021

Taste of Oakville

Taste of Oakville is going to look a little different this year as it is exclusively takeout/delivery, so we’re here to help you make the most of your experience at home. 

Though you might miss the ambiance of a special night out at a local restaurant, there are still plenty of ways to get the traditional Taste of Oakville experience from the comfort of your couch. 

1. Take out during off days

Avoid overwhelming small  staffs by ordering your meal on a low-traffic day! Think about treating yourself on a weekday every once and a while to help ease the intensity of high-traffic order days. Even grabbing lunch on a weekend instead of dinner can help alleviate some pressure from restaurants who are managing with fewer staff members. 

2. Don’t use third party delivery apps if you can pick up

Opt for direct order and pickup instead of ordering delivery through a third party app to ensure restaurants are getting every penny you’re paying for your meal. 

3. Order drinks

Treat yourself with a bottle of wine or six pack of your favourite beer when you’re ordering from a restaurant’s prix fixe menu. Though alcohol is not part of the Taste of Oakville menus, adding it to your order is a nice way to give a little more to your local restaurants and complete the true Taste of Oakville atmosphere. 

4. Order for a friend

Want to enjoy a meal with your closest friends? Everyone can order from their favourite place and dine together virtually! This is a great time to do something special for the ones you love and connect for a night of games, dinner or even a movie online. 

5. Order ahead of time

Plan ahead and order your meal hours before you intend to pick up. This lets restaurants know well ahead of time what kind of workload they can expect.

6. Take in dinner and a show

Bring all the elements of a night out home with you at this year’s Taste of Oakville event! Lay out your meal, dim the lights and settle in for one of OFFA’s winter screening series feature films, the Oakville Centre’s livestreamed concerts or the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton’s Black History Month activities

7. Don’t forget lunch!

Taste of Oakville isn’t all about dinner! Give your work day a little boost by ordering lunch  from one of our participating restaurants. 


How to participate in Taste of Oakville:

  • Browse menus at www.atasteofoakville.com
  • Click on restaurant logo to be directed to their website
  • Follow their ordering instructions and contact them directly to arrange meal
  • Share your experience by tagging @VisitOakville and using the hashtag #TasteofOakville

Learn more about Taste of Oakville 2021 here: www.atasteofoakville.com