November 12, 2020

By: Mrinalini Sundar

We have been lucky to see some “sunny days” in November, so I wanted to make the most of it and spend time outdoors in Bronte Village. I have included a little bit of everything in my itinerary, including park time, shopping, patio dining, lakeshore walks and some hiking. There are also some special events to look out for this coming season, so keep reading below to learn more about the best ways to spend a day outdoors in Bronte Village.

Please remember to be respectful and social distance when exploring Oakville.

Morning walk to the lighthouse

Start your day at the Bronte Harbour lighthouse (2340 Ontario St) and take in all the beautiful sights and sounds of this lakeside destination. With the breeze, the sun, the sound of water lapping and birds chirping, this outlook is a slice of paradise. This sight is unmatched, especially in the morning.

Stop and learn

Looking for a little history? Pause as you walk along the pier and take in the Fisherman’s Memorial (2340 Ontario St). This granite monument is dedicated to the fishermen who lost their lives at the lake while earning a living for their family. This six-foot-tall monument showcases the typical fishing scene from the late 1800s in Bronte Village. The man sitting in the monument is Bronte fisherman Tom Joyce.

Outer Harbour Marina

Don’t forget to walk a little further to the Outer Harbour Marina(2340 Ontario St), where the views of the yachts and boats never get tiring. Take in the fresh air, the gorgeous views, and indulge in photography with the boats as props.

Brunch at La Parisienne Creperie

You’re going to work up an appetite with all that walking, so stop by La Parisienne Creperie for a wholesome meal by the lake. I chose to devour their authentic French crepes on their heated patio (Oakville’s temporary patio program has been extended to December 31, 2020), but they do have indoor seating as well. If you are looking for some coffee goodness, head to Taste of Colombia which has a variety of coffee options and snacks.

Enjoy the parks

While Bronte is known for its lakeshore views, there are also plenty of parks to explore. Start with Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park(2340 Ontario St). This area has a gorgeous view of the lakeshore and a play area for kids! This park also hosts several walking/jogging paths and has plenty of benches along the way where you can take a break. The Sail Stage (2340 Ontario St) is a gorgeous place to rest your feet and grab some unique photos. You can also enjoy some greenery and family time at the Bill Hill Promenade and Fisherman’s Warf (2340 Ontario St). No matter what you choose, a stroll through some of Bronte Village’s most beautiful parks is the perfect way to walk off a meal.

Get in a little holiday shopping

Good meal and a good walk – check! How about some shopping now? Take in the fresh air and gorgeous streetscape of Bronte Village while perusing their host of local independent retailers. Head to Simply Green Baby if you are looking for children’s products, games and clothing. For upscale fashion, there is My Girlfriend’s Closet and Lana’s Boutique. If you are a home decor addict just like me, head to Lakeside Livin’ Home Decor or Bogart Home & Decor Consignment.

Explore the trails at Bronte Beach Park

Get away from the bustle of the main village to this rather quiet spot (45 West River St) which is a popular place to spot the Toronto skyline. You can also explore the different trails here. They are all pet-friendly and take you closer to nature. Let the kids enjoy the waves while you click pictures of the view. You can also bring your picnic basket for a sunny day by the water.

Time for dinner

Sit by the water and enjoy a hot meal with Bronte’s extensive list of dining spots. From Cucci for some fine dining to Cove for seafood specialties, there is a lot to explore. For something more casual, you can head to The Firehall Cool Bar Hot Grill, El Spero or Harbourside Artisan Kitchen & Bar. My favourite, however, is Plank Restobar which is perfect for date nights or just catching up with friends. I particularly like their appetizers which include a good mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. I highly recommend their cauliflower fritters and beetroot hummus. Their pizzas are also a must-try! You can pair your food with wine or their unique collection of cocktails. Have a sweet tooth? Head to The Flavour Fox or Sweet! Bakery and Teahouse for some post-dinner treats.

Take in some interactive art a the At Home In Bronte – Winter Edition

Photo credit: Art show photographer, Christopher Dias

Were you missing the At Home in Bronte Muskoka Chair exhibit this summer? Fear not, because the Bronte Village BIA is organizing this popular interactive display’s first-ever winter edition, scheduled to go out on November 21, 2020. You won’t want to miss this beautiful sight as Bronte is lined with colorfully-decorated chairs, all painted by a diverse group of local artists. The theme for this year is “aspects of Bronte”, so you can stroll the streets of Bronte Harbour while taking in artistic interpretations of Bronte’s wildlife, natural environment and local infrastructure. Take a seat on your post-dinner stroll and let the gorgeous colours, sounds and views of Bronte Village wash you over.