October 6, 2020

By: Mrinalini Sundar

Because the entire town Of Oakville has transformed into a mystical wonderland of fall colours, it is time to start going on trails to take in all the fun fall foliage. Visit Oakville has already compiled a list of the best places to see the leaves change colours, so I grabbed my camera and went with my family to focus on one very special location: Lions Valley Park.

The fact that this park is bang in the middle of the concrete jungle makes it all the more majestic and easily accessible. It is one of the most photographable natural spots in Oakville that you won’t want to miss.

About the park:

If you are looking for a green patch in the middle of the city, then this is the spot. Two picnic sheds, lots of trees, picnic spots, park, trails, benches, hiking spots and the majestic Sixteen Mile Creek. Lions Valley Park is all this and more. The park has a charismatic presence in Oakville and has many different sub-trails that you can explore while enjoying the colours. Whether you want to hike, jog, take your kids on the stroller, walk your dog, spend some quality time with your family and friends or just want a peaceful picnic, Lions Valley Park has something for everyone looking to connect with nature.

This trail is a visual feast for photographers. You can capture the pop fall colours, host a couples shoot, grab some Instagram-worthy pictures or just get some great sky and sunset shots.

I chose to start my photo journey from the main parking zone at Lions Valley Park. The downhill slope leading to the parking lot is beautiful and gives photographers a chance to capture a vast picture of the road, the bridge, the fall colours and the park all at once.

Once you start walking into the park, you’ll see an elegant broad bridge which is one of the best spots for those Instagram pictures. The background captures the colourful hills and the stream, so all you’ll need is natural light and the perfect angle to get the right shot!

Other than the beautiful landscape pictures, you can also focus on the beautiful flowers you get to see here. Mostly wild, they come in myriad colours and can look splendid for some close-up and portrait shots.

If you want to give the crowd a miss and click some pictures in solitude, then the best option is to hike to the top of the hills. . This way you can shoot videos and pictures of the trees without anybody photobombing.

The cozy creek is also a special spot for pictures. This is where you can try your hand at bird watching, spotting fish as they explore the creek or just take in the soothing sound of the water. If you’re lucky, you may also encounter deer here. Brush up on your candid photography skills and grab some shots of the squirrels, birds, deer, and hedgehogs that will become a rare sight as winter approaches.

Things to remember:

  1. The best time to take pictures using natural light is between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  2. Try to take your pictures with natural light instead of flash so your pictures look more natural and the colours pop.
  3. Take this opportunity to shoot some pictures of friends and family. Organize a fun outdoor shoot with your family and some amazing props. Choose a setting by the creek or with kids in action to click that cute picture.

  1. Why not try your hand at a couples photoshoot? The stream or colourful treescape are perfect backdrops for those memorable pictures.
  2. We recommend using a longer lens for landscape pictures. For pictures with macro like leaves and flowers, I went with 40mm lens.
  3. Light peeking out in-between thick trees is a sight to behold. Capture this and make it your desktop background picture!
  4. Look up, what do you see? The point where trees meet the sky is a great photo op! Use a wide-angle lens for this one.

Fall and flowing water is a heavenly combination for any aspiring photographer. No matter your skill level, Oakville is an incredible place to photograph nature at its most beautiful. Grab your camera and come see why Oakville outdoors is so memorable.