February 15, 2018


From Joan Butterfield’s “Journey to Africa”


With its blankets of fresh snow, melting slush and overcast skies, the month of February is often associated with tones of white and gray. But it doesn’t have to be, because a cornucopia of colour awaits at each of the exciting art exhibits being featured in Oakville this month. If you’re ready to add some pigments to your palette, read on.


Art from the Heart – Multiple Artists

Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre (January 19, 2018 – March 11, 2018)


“Art from the Heart” is an inspiring and uplifting exhibition of works by adult artists with special needs. Now in its seventh year, this annual Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre exhibit features the works of artists from Community Living programs in Toronto, Oakville and Etobicoke, showcasing their creativity and talent for all to appreciate.


With a wide variety of styles, themes and subject matter on display, this eclectic and engaging exhibition has something for everyone to enjoy, from colourful expressionistic images to the lifelike acrylic landscapes of Artist in Residence Tsochoy Go.

Whether you have a deep interest in art or simply want to experience a bit of inspiration, you won’t want to miss this amazing and uplifting art exhibit. 


Journey to Africa – Joan Butterfield

Town Hall (February 2018)


In celebration of Black History Month, the Association of African-Canadian Artists and the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton are presenting Joan Butterfield’s “Journey to Africa” at Town Hall until the end of the month.


This collection of vibrant, evocative works is diverse in both subject matter and style, ranging from animal imagery to mesmerizing portraits and incorporating nearly every colour under the sun. Blending photography with various effects and filters, Butterfield creates images that are both familiar and fantastical, leaving the audience with a sense that they have just experienced something truly magical.

“Journey to Africa” will be on display until the end of Black History Month. Be sure to explore this excellent exhibit before it’s gone.


Diary w/o Dates – Allison Katz

Oakville Galleries (January 21, 2018 – March 18, 2018)


Allison Katz’s newest exhibition, “Diary w/o Dates”, is being featured at both Oakville Galleries locations, and a visit to either site offers an aesthetic experience that is both unique and connected at the same time.

Katz’s dodecahedron of paintings at Centennial Square is inspired by the French Republican calendar (we’re currently in the month of “Pluviôse,” if you’re curious), using each side of the central shape to reflect the character of one of the archaic units of time with colours and imagery.


Meanwhile, her exhibit at Gairloch Gardens focuses on the concept of circulation, this time using ceramics, posters, sand painting and more to evoke themes of repetition, time and self-reflection. From a series of digital prints to a collection of painted plates that evoke images of the aforementioned Republican calendar, the exhibition features a wide selection of pieces that are distinct yet familiar when compared to those of Centennial Square.

If you’re looking for an artsy and introspective experience, look no further.


Each exhibit offers an experience that’s sure to replace those winter blues with a wide range of colours and emotions. Visit one or all three, and see for yourself!