October 10, 2017




Visit Oakville seeks to fill four vacant Board positions. Nominations to the Board are welcome from all Oakville Tourism related businesses and are to be accompanied by the written consent of the person being nominated. Please return this form to the Nominating committee no later than Friday, October 20, 2017.

Position: Attractions/Tourism Industry (2)    Position: Accommodations/Hotel (2)The appropriate candidates will have a history of demonstrated strengths and achievements in some combination of the following areas:

·         Demonstrated background in Tourism, Hospitality or related industry

·         Financial literacy and business acumen

·         Awareness of community concerns that can be addressed by Visit Oakville

·         Desire to communicate and promote Visit Oakville’s vision and mission to the community and stakeholders

·         Maintain residency or primary occupation within Oakville throughout term of appointment


Please refer to the Policy and Procedures Document at www.visitoakville.com for more detail.


Please complete this form, save and email, or print and fax.


☐ Attractions/Tourism Industry                       ☐ Accommodation/Hotel

Nominee Information:

Name Title
Address City
Province Postal Code
Telephone Fax


Please attach a brief biography (up to 250 words) or curriculum vitae.

I accept the nomination to serve as a Board Member for Visit Oakville


Date:      ___________________________


For more information regarding Visit Oakville and its Board of Directors, click here.


Please return by Friday, October 20, 2017 to

Visit Oakville Nominating Committee

c/o rebecca.edgar@oakville.ca

FAX: 905-815-2011, Attention: Rebecca Edgar