Tennis and Pickleball

Add a little swing to your escape year-round at local courts

Oakville is home to plenty of public Tennis and Pickleball courts, so anyone can stay active during their lakeside escape.

Keep reading to learn more about the local courts that are staying open for the winter:

2021–2022 Tennis and Pickleball Winter Courts

  • Ward 1 – Shell Park
  • Ward 2 – Old Abbey Lane Park
  • Ward 3 – Jonathan Park and Maplegrove Park
  • Ward 4 – Bloomfield Park
  • Ward 5 – River Oaks Park
  • Ward 6 – Glenashton Park
  • Ward 7 – William Rose Park

The courts located in Wards 1, 5, and 7 will be lit until 8 p.m.

Rules for use

These facilities are for the benefit of all Oakville residents. Please be courteous during your play. The following rules apply on all tennis and pickleball courts:
  • No black-soled shoes on the hard court surfaces
  • No bicycles, skateboards, roller blades or scooters on court surface
  • Dogs are not permitted on court surfaces
  • If others are waiting to play, players must relinquish court after 30 minutes of play
  • Authorized instruction by Oakville Recreation department takes precedence over open play
  • Private lessons are not permitted
  • Tennis ball machines are not permitted

Visitors are encouraged to bring reusable or biodegradable containers to the park rather than plastic – if using plastic, please make use of the appropriate recycling container or take them home with you to dispose of in your blue bin.

Visit for more information.