The Fugitives

Nov 02, 2023

The Fugitives


Date: November 2, 2023 at 8:00 PM
AEG Liebherr Auditorium
$55 Regular Seating
$48 Big Ticket Members
$44 Big Ticket Plus Members

In Ridge, Brendan McLeod and The Fugitives examine misconceptions and varying perspectives around the battle of Vimy Ridge, while drawing parallels to other formative events in our nation’s past. Featuring innovative musical interpretations of WWI soldier songs (often referred to as ‘Trench Songs’), Ridge probes difficult yet necessary questions about how and why we grieve. The result is a poignant and stripped-back collection of work that emphasizes the emotional content of the lyrics and continues the long tradition of folk music reshaping songs over time — the same way soldiers reshaped these songs in the trenches.

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