iFLY Toronto

Defy the law of gravity in the first recirculating indoor free fall simulator in Canada!

iFLY Toronto uses SkyVenture technology –  the safest and most advanced technology in the world – to bring indoor skydiving to Oakville. Only the second indoor recirculating skydiving simulator in Canada (the first is in Montreal), iFLY Toronto is a training facility for both future and certified skydivers, as well as military personnel.

What is it?

It’s an opportunity to experience the sensation of free-fall. Imagine a 14 foot cylindrical diameter vertical tube that is 45 feet tall in which the airstream is passing at a speed of 175 km per hour. Once inside the wind tunnel, you will have a real sense of what skydivers experience during the free-fall portion of their jump, which is generally done from 13,500 to 3,500 feet of altitude at a speed of 200 km an hour. All of that in an environment so secure, it is safe for young children.

The first wind tunnel SkyVenture LLC build still operates to this day and is located in Orlando, it was built in 1998. Other locations include: Montreal, Singapore, Seattle, San Francisco, Orlando, Manchester, Austin, Dubai (full list here).

Safe & Accessible

Indoor skydiving is safe and fun for all ages and skill levels. Highly skilled instructors are accredited by the International Bodyflight Association and work with flyers of all abilities. Children as young as four years old can fly – and what four year old hasn’t dreamt of flying?


2 Flight Introductory Package: Starting at $72

4 Flight Introductory Package: Starting at $106.19 (Promotional Offer)

10 Flight Ultimate Experience: Starting at $192.92 (Promotional Offer)
*Plus applicable tax.

Packages include:

  • Training period with the instructor
  • Ground preparation time
  • Tunnel gear
  • Observation and question period
  • 2, 4 or 10 flights per person, the equivalent of the free-fall portion of 2 or 4 skydives
  • Debriefing period with the instructor

Corporate packages are available and the facility has both a business and party room for group rental.