Get inspired by local wildlife

Oakville is a great spot for novice and experienced birders alike to view a great variety of woodland birds and waterfowl. Bring your binoculars or camera and explore our trails, parks and harbours for feathered finds.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park: Known to be home to over 190 bird species – including the pileated woodpecker, turkey vulture, Baltimore oriole, red-tailed hawk, killdeer and eastern bluebird – the park also sees seasonal visitors like the bobolink, snow bunting and several types of owl.

Oakville and Bronte Harbours: Oakville’s two harbours are both great locations to spot waterfowl like the Canada goose, ring-billed gull, Bonaparte’s gull, common tern, mute swan, red-necked grebe and double-crested cormorant. There have even been sightings of ospreys, sandpipers, snowy owls and blue jays!

Oakville Parks: The town’s many parks are home to a variety of woodland birds. Shell Park is a popular spot for songbirds during the spring and fall migration seasons, while Village Wood Park has been known to feature owls and woodpeckers. For a full list of Oakville parks, please visit

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