The Oakville Film Festival

Jun 23, 2021 - Jun 29, 2021

OFFA presents Oakville’s only independent film festival – the Oakville Film Festival – each year in June.  The once 3-day festival has now expanded to a full week for 2021 and will kick off as a fully digital festival.  The 8th annual Oakville Film Festival occurs from June 23-29th, 2021.

We have 100 films over 7 days, including Canadian and regional premieres, feature films, documentaries, and short films, some available to world audiences.  Make sure you stay for the Q&A after each film screening to elevate your film fest experience with direct audience access with artists, actors, and filmmakers. Live Q&As give you the chance to interact with filmmakers, actors, and special guests in real time.

You will be able to stream all the films, Q&As, and festival action from the comfort of your home.  Most of these screenings will also be available for 7 days to be watched anytime that fits your preference including the recorded Q&A.  NOTE: Some screenings are limited to either 24 or 48 hours due to distributor contracts.

Local Goes Global

The festival brings global film makers to our amazing community.  Alternatively, we invite our long-time supporters to embrace virtual and to take our local festival global by inviting family and friends from around the world to enjoy a film screening together.

Each year, OFFA hosts a juried award competition to recognize exceptional film makers, as well an Audience Choice Award, where the audience gets to decide!


Save the dates:  June 23-29, 2021.   We will be announcing the full line-up of film premieres, independent films, and shorts on May 18th  in a virtual launch event that will be live on YouTube!

For our OFFA fans and members, we have three ticket packages that can be purchased now to ensure you get first access to booking the films once announced on May 18th.  Buying a pass now guarantees you access to the films that you choose, and you get the early bird pricing as well.

Available now Single Ticket sales and Festival Pass options.  Prior to COVID, the three-day festival included two gala screenings typically accompanied by performance, dance, and art shows, all structured thematically to support our film events.  If permitted, we will work with the local drive-in, or (your local theatre)  to deliver outdoor and socially-distanced screenings so our amazing OFFA community can meet safely. These events will be booked as stand-alone events and are not included in regular ticket packages. Pandemic restrictions may prevent us from doing any live screenings. 

OFFA Industry Summit 2021- Calling all filmmakers! OFFA’s annual Industry Summit begins 20th May. Click here for more information. All free events!


Wednesday, June 23:

  • Local Short Film Festival (in partnership with Sheridan Alumni) - Includes Q&A to follow with live filmmakers
  • Marlene (Drama) - Q&A: Director Wendy Hill-Tout and others TBC

Thursday, June 24:

  • First We Eat (Documentary) - Q&A: to follow film with Director Suzanne Crocker (also the woman featured in the doc) and other members of the family
  • Lorelei (Romance, Drama) - Q&A: Dir. Sabrina Doyle, Pablo Schreiber, and Jena Malone

Friday, June 25:

  • Coral Ghosts and Bread in the Bones (Documentaries) - Q&A: Dir. Andrew Nisker, Dr. Tom Goreau (Coral Ghosts) and Dir. Darrell Varga (Bread in the Bones)
  • Nine Days (Supernatural Drama, Fantasy) - Q&A: Director/Writer Edson Oda and cast TBC

Saturday, June 26:

  • Québexit (Multilingual: English, French Cree) - Q&A: Dir. Joshua Demers and other cast and crew TBC.
  • Woman in Car (Drama) - Q&A: Dir. Vanya Rose-Khurt, Liane Balaban (plays Safiye), Hélène Joy (plays Anne), and Patricia Pin Public  Programs Director of The Mount: Edith Wharton’s Home (in Lenox, MA), and a scholar TBC from  Scotland.
  • Alice (Comedy, Romance, Drama) - Q&A: TBC
  • French Exit (Comedy, Romance) - Q&A: TBC
  • Meander (Horror, Sci Fi, Thriller) - Q&A: TBC

Sunday, June 27:

Multiculturalism Day (Women Who Give Event) Charitable Donation to Zonta International 

  • Gosia @ Tomek (Documentary) - Q&A: TBC
  • Bangla Surf Girls (Documentary) - Q&A: Lalita Krishna (Producer/Writer) and Dir. Elizabeth D. Costa
  • A Girl From Mogadishu (Drama) - Q&A: Director Mary McGhckian, Ifrah Ahmed.
  • The Names of the Flowers and Her Stories (Drama and Documentary) - Q&A: Bahman Tavoosi (Dir. The Names of the Flowers)
Monday, June 28:
  • Shorts in Quarantine - Q&A: TBC
  • Between Waves (Drama, Science Fiction) -
  • Q&A: Dir. Virginia Abramovich, others TBC.

Tuesday, June 29:

  • Animation Shorts - Q&A: TBC
  • American Desert (Drama) -


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