April 17, 2024

Did you know Oakville is a premier destination for filming movies and TV shows? It’s true, Oakville has served as the backdrop for countless memorable moments in cinema and television! With its close proximity to Toronto, beautiful shoreline, and picturesque storefronts it’s been captured in over 100 movies and TV shows in the past three years. This post highlights eight movies and TV shows that have had filming locations in Oakville.

Read more to discover the captivating filming locations in Oakville where iconic scenes were brought to life on the silver screen.

1. Dream House

The house in the 2011 thriller Dream House was located in Oakville. Many of the movie’s scenes take place in Gairloch Gardens a beautiful park overlooking Lake Ontario. Visit the park and you will understand why this location was chosen for the film. With it’s view of Toronto’s skyline, rose garden, and pond, this park is so picturesque that it’s become a go to destination for wedding photos, graduation photos, and other photography sessions. Click here to learn how you can reserve the park for your special day. Celebrate your milestones at the same place Daniel Craig filmed his 2011 hit.  

2. You Are So Not Invited to my Bat Mitzvah

This comedy starring Adam Sandlar, Sunny Sandler, Sadie Sandler, and Idina Menzel premiered in 2023 on Netflix and currently holds a 91% score on rotten tomatoes. If you are an Oakville regular, you will be able to identify the location of this scene right away. Boutique stores in Downtown Oakville such as  Black Forest Bakery and Lemonwood can be seen in the background. Grab a treat at Black Forest Bakery and walk the streets of this charming Oakville neighbourhood and you will see why it’s an ideal location for a film set. Visit here for a list of all the businesses in Downtown Oakville.

3. The Santa Clause

Feel that Christmas spirt year-round when you drive down the same street as Tim Allen in his 1994 classic, The Santa Clause. In the opening scene of this movie, the main character drives down Lakeshore Road in Downtown Oakville. In one clip, you can see the storefront of Swiss Interiors, a family owned and operated business that’s been in operation since 1953. Oakville, with its small town feel and big city experiences fits the theme of this Christmas classic perfectly.

4. Doc

The Downtown Oakville area was abuzz in February 2024 when the primetime series Doc filmed a scene at Ce Soir Brasserie and Bar, a newly opened restaurant on Lakeshore Road. Based on the popular Italian series Doc- Nelle Tue Mani, this TV show is currently in production and will air on TV in late 2024 or earlier 2025 on FOX. Remember to keep a look out for this new drama and see if you are able to spot any Oakville landmarks.


This spy thriller about a father and daughter who have been secretly working as CIA operatives has many filming locations in Oakville, including in Downtown Oakville and Kerr Village. The TV Show had a scene filmed in Colossus Greek Tavern a Mediterranean style restaurant in Downtown Oakville. Make a reservation at Colossus today and you can eat at the same restaurant as Jay Baruchel and Monica Barbaro.

6. Slumberland

The fantasy/adventure movie staring Jason Momoa was released in 2022. Scenes of this action-packed movie were filmed at Lakeside Park and the Oakville lighthouse. Bring your family and create your own adventure in Oakville today! Order sandwiches or pizza at Mercato and have a picnic at the same park Jason Momoa and Marlow Barkley filmed their family-friendly Netflix movie.

7. 13: The Musical  

13: the Musical, a Broadway adaptation about a boy preparing for his Bar Mitzvah debuted in 2022 on Netflix. Scenes from this movie were filmed at Oakville’s own Film.ca Cinemas, an independent movie theatre that has been an Oakville staple since 1987. You can even see Film.ca in the movie’s trailer. Pause the trailer at 1:22 to see the front of Film.ca.

Grab your friends and enjoy a movie at this Oakville gem. If you are planning your own Bar Mitzvah (or any other celebration) visit the theatre’s event page to learn how you can get the red-carpet experience by renting the theatre for your special day.   

8. Handmaid’s Tale

This TV show adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s book series with the same name had a scene in season one filmed in Oakville’s Coronation Park.  In this photo you can see how they transformed the stage in Coronation Park for the TV show. Walk the park and see where Elisabeth Moss’ character rebels against Aunt Lydia. Along with its impressive stage, this park also has a beach volley-ball court, playground, splashpad, and picnic area. It’s a wonderful place to explore Oakville’s waterfront and spend the afternoon.

You can also visit these locations on a self-guided tour via the Driftscape app. Download the app today to explore our available tours, along with info of events happening around town.

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