February 27, 2023

This January Visit Oakville hosted a Winter Photo Challenge, inviting photographers to submit their best shots of Oakville during the winter season.

We received dozens of gorgeous images and evaluated each one based on exposure, composition, colours, uniqueness of the moment captured, and how it showcased Oakville.

After careful review, we are thrilled to announce the winners of this photo contest.

First Place: Rachel Williams

This image of Oakville Harbour captures the beauty of an iconic Oakville landmark during the winter season. The snow-covered shore, peaceful lake, and stunning sky all come together to create a breathtaking scene.

Congratulation, Rachel Williams, you win $200 and will be featured in our 2023/24 Visit Oakville Guide.

Follow links below to see this artist’s work:


Second place goes to Sasha Elford. The judges were impressed by colours, composition, and uniqueness of the image. It showcases the charm of Downtown Oakville on a snowy day.

See more images created by this artist @oh.she.focused

The third-place winner is Ritu Kohli-Sethi, whose image impressed the judges with the saturation of colours over lake Ontario.

Check out more images created by this artist:

Congratulations Ritu and Sasha, you receive $150 gift cards!

Honourable Mentions

Despite not taking the prize, these images impressed the judges and left a lasting impression.

We thank all participants for their submissions and encourage everyone to subscribe to our mailing list and follow our Instagram to keep an eye out for future photo contests.