November 26, 2021

By: Emilie Lapointe

As we approach the winter months, I’m more conscious of carving out time for myself every week to practice some self-care. In life, we make time for our loved ones and our work projects, so it stands to reason that we should also make time for ourselves.

Last week, I focused on some cozy self-care time at a local café, so I thought it was time to take myself on a solo pampering date. I used to get my nails done pretty often and I always enjoyed the click-clack of a fresh set of nails on my keyboard as I worked. After being neglected for the better part of a year, my nails deserved some much-needed TLC!

I tend to gravitate towards either modern, abstract designs or more simple, classic designs like a French manicure – sometimes with a non-traditional tip colour to add a twist to a classic! I came across Blush Beauté Bar and was mesmerized by their cute and fresh interior featuring a massive rose-covered wall, which had me living my Beauty and the Beast dreams.

The care this salon puts into their work is clear from the start, as all guests receive an automatic text confirmation and reminder after booking an appointment. As someone with a lot on the go, I appreciated that extra step in their service.

The salon features a long row of desks lined with pink velvet chairs surrounded with protective screens in between guests and their nail technician. Their pedicure chairs are elegantly set up on a marble platform against their statement wall that is covered from top to bottom in blush-toned roses. There is also a comfortable waiting area, an open concept studio space and private rooms for waxing and eyelash services, and the aforementioned statement wall. It’s the perfect backdrop to snap that fresh post-manicure shot!

I opted for a simple French manicure with a sage green tip as a slight nod to the upcoming holiday season. When visiting a new salon, I like to stick with a classic design at first to gauge the service and my subsequent visits might get funkier from there.

What to do before a visit to the salon:

  1. Call ahead of time to book an appointment – Avoid the walk-in and wait by calling ahead to make sure there’s enough time for the services you want
  2. Browse Instagram and/or Pinterest for some inspiration – It’s always a good idea to come prepared with some inspiration and photos for your nail technician to refer to
  3. Know what you like and what you’re looking for – Do some research beforehand. Not only for inspiration, but also to have an idea of the different nail shapes and options like acrylic or geland shellac or regular polish
  4. Bring cash – Either to pay for your service in full or to tip your nail technician afterwards. Pro tip: Services are often cheaper at salons when paid for in cash. Luckily, Blush Beauté Bar has an ATM at the front desk

Take a look at Blush Beauté Bar’s website to see a full list of the services they provide and their price list. If you’re feeling especially luxurious, they offer a fresh rose petal pedicure that I will wash away any ounce of the winter blues.

Make sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter throughout the season to share the ways you like to practice self-care. Remember that small acts of self-care can be injected in your day-to-day from sipping tea, lighting your favourite candle, eating a good meal, reading a few extra pages of your book and planning for a handful of pamper appointments sprinkled throughout the season.

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