October 8, 2021

By: Emilie Lapointe

If you’re a fan of being close to the water and strolling around the lakeshore, then chances are you’ll love Glendella Boutique and it’s sunny yellow exterior. With its ideal location nestled in between the harbour, boardwalk and shops of Bronte Village, this quaint boutique hotel is a great option for families or couples looking to enjoy a getaway.

Glendella Boutique was once one of the only buildings in Bronte and was surrounded by a vast outstretch of farmland. It was known as the Thompson Hotel at the time, and was one of two hotels in the area in 1850.

While owners over the centuries have maintained its historical façade, namely recreating the front porch, the interior has been given a modern facelift. It is outfitted with bright, neutral modern touches with a vintage flair – thanks in part to many of the furniture contributions from local shop owner Lisa of My Back Shed.

Guests can simply rent out individual rooms or the entire home. It features two lakeside view bedrooms each with an en suite bathroom, one Bronte Village view bedroom with an en suite bathroom and a large balcony, a lakeside family room, a kitchen equipped with marble countertops, a coffee nook, and a second family room with a backyard deck and BBQ. Due to the pandemic, the dining room was restyled into a lounge area with a large TV and bar – it became a popular room to rent for fantasy football leagues!

When asked what his favourite area of the house was, owner Jim Harding responded that it had to be the porch or front room on a nice day with the front doors and windows open to enjoy the breeze, crashing waves and chatter along the marina.

As I was enjoying my exploration of the interior, Jim could be heard chatting with his neighbour on the front porch as other locals walked by – always saying hello and stopping for a while.

If you turn back time, this beloved porch is pictured in historical photographs with stagecoaches outside used to ferry guests around during their stay. While the porch is undeniably one of the home’s best features, my personal favourite spot is a little writing nook in the attic room. I have this romantic notion of sipping on some tea and writing at the ornate desk overlooking a rainy day on the harbour.

Jim puts a great deal of care in detail and in his evident support for his community. He has a number of local recommendations for his guests and enjoys playing concierge for visitors – often making them reservations at one of his favourite local, high-end restaurants, Cucci, and escorting them to their table (he’s even bought the first round of cocktails!).

Suggestions for your stay at Glendella:

Where to eat:

  • Cucci – A cursory glance at this menu is proof enough as to why it’s a recommendation from Glendella’s owner
  • La Parisienne Crêperie – My French family would disown me if I didn’t recommend this local French spot. It feels like stepping onto the streets of Paris
  • The Flavour Fox – From decadent to fruity (and with vegan options on the menu), there’s a gelato flavour for every palette here
  • Plank – In case you’re looking for some elevated pub grub
  • Bronte Boathouse – This is a seasonal location, but an absolute must for the view alone in the summer time
  • Cove – This seafood restaurant looks like it was airdropped from a California beach!

What to do:

Check out the Bronte Village BIA website to see a list of all the businesses in the area, and make sure to visit Glendella Boutique’s website to book your next staycation!

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