October 1, 2021

By: Emilie Lapointe

Hiya Oakville! Some of you may be scratching your head wondering where you’ve seen me before. If so, fear not, you haven’t lost it – I’m a Visit Oakville familiar face! Last summer, I had the pleasure of being one of Visit Oakville’s Digital Tourism Ambassadors exploring local hidden gems. If this is your first time seeing me here, allow me to properly introduce myself!

My name is Emilie. My background is in journalism, which explains my love for storytelling both through the written word and visually. I’m also extremely passionate about travel and food, as well as physical and mental health advocacy.

Growing up, I was on the curious and adventurous side and always felt that life is best lived as an amalgamation of strange and quirky stories. This is a philosophy that has led me to sleeping on the side of Mount Kilimanjaro for over a week, eating borderline terrifying exotic meats (including a scorpion and rattlesnake) and walking across multiple cities worldwide.

Some quick facts about me:

  • One of my longstanding hobbies is baking – in another life I dreamed of going to pastry school in France
  • I’m a Prud’homme certified beer connoisseur and one of my superpowers is finding a beer for even the most vehement of beer haters
  • I train and lift multiple times a week so I’m stronger than I look
  • I took a page from the Rory Gilmore guide, and always have a book with me whenever I leave the house – you’ll often have a good idea what I’m reading as you’ll spy my reads in the background of photos

As an international travel lover, one of the things I’ve learned over the last couple of years is that you can still attain some of that excitement for the unknown and undiscovered in your own backyard. I love to show people how to enjoy an area and have fun on any budget whether it’s alone or with a group. My goal is to inject a little something special into every day – even a lazy day at home can be made better with a French pastry from a quaint bakery around the corner or a cocktail made with fresh local ingredients!

Feel free to start a conversation with me on my Instagram (@msemiliejean) and let me know your favourite local spots or ask for some advice (that’s what I’m here for!) Make sure to also follow @visitoakville if you’re not already and check out our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the latest updates.

My Oakville bucket list this season:

  1. Dessert at Hexagon – as a dessert enthusiast, the sweet treats at this downtown restaurant look so thoughtfully prepared with a level of artistry I can only strive for!
  2. Snowshoe or cross country ski at Bronte Creek Provincial Park – it feels wrong that I’ve never gone snowshoeing as a Canadian
  3. Afternoon tea at Nyla’s Room – as a big Lewis Carroll fan, tea parties always make me feel like the Mad Hatter. There’s nothing quite like the clinking of fine china adorned with floral patterns and delicious scones!
  4. Scour a local farmer’s market – I’m lookingfor fresh produce to bake something mouth-watering to share with my loved ones at home
  5. Scary movie night at the 5-Drive In – nothing says Halloween quite like huddling in the trunk of a car piled high with blankets and pillows screaming into the dark barren landscape at jump scares

I’m excited to be back and exploring our neighbourhoods with you! Make sure to keep an eye on our site and follow our social media pages to catch my posts every Friday.

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