September 16, 2021

By: Karisa Simon

Some of the world’s most iconic gardens can be found in countries such as France, Italy and England, but did you know that there is a romantic garden right here in Oakville?

Take your special someone by the hand and spend some quality time together at Gairloch Gardens.

Gairloch Gardens is located south of Lakeshore between Morrison Road and Cairncroft Road. The land was formerly owned by Colonel William Mackendrick, a civil engineer from Toronto. He built a house on the property and landscaped it, adding rose gardens, hedges and trees. When the Colonel passed away, James A. Gairdner purchased the property and named the estate ‘Gairloch’, a Gaelic word which means “short lake“. Today, the garden welcomes thousands of visitors each year, and is a main tourist attraction for Oakville visitors.

This lakeside garden is the perfect place for a private romantic afternoon or evening with your special someone. Take a stroll hand-in-hand through the colourful and majestic landscape, or stop and smell the roses and admire the breathtaking scenery. There are also benches and green spaces that are perfect for laying down a blanket and enjoying a picnic. Parking is available in the main Gairloch Gardens lot on Lakeshore Road, as well as a few spaces adjacent to the Oakville Galleries studio.

This tranquil oasis is also a prime location for amazing photography. Whether you have a passion for nature photography, or are looking for a place to take engagement photos or wedding photos, Gairloch Gardens can provide.

When I visited the garden, I was in awe at how vast it is. It stretches from the Oakville Galleries all the way to the shores of Lake Ontario. The green manicured lawn compliments the colorful array of flowers in the garden. You can also find a fountain pond that has water lilies, and bridge that arches over another pond, which makes a beautiful scene for walking. You’ll find a secluded garden behind the bridge that has a pathway lined with various blooming roses. It all looks like it has been taken out of a scene from a Nicholas Sparks movie.

Overall, I think Gairloch Gardens is one of the top places to spend some one-on-one time with your special someone or have a photoshoot. Nothing can beat the beauty and romance of this majestic garden.

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