August 14, 2021

By: Karisa Simon

The #VORocks Scavenger Hunt has finally begun and I’m going to help you get started! Today, I will be giving away five locations where you can find the #VORocks lake stones that are painted with our new Visit Oakville logo.

Keep reading to find out where these rocks are located and how to participate to enter for a chance to win one of five (5) Visit Oakville zip-up hoodies. I have one of these comfy sweaters and it is by far one of my favourites.

What is the #VORocks scavenger hunt?

The #VORocks scavenger hunt is a contest that we are running throughout the month of August that gives people the opportunity to visit local parks, trails, attractions and neighborhoods in search of our branded painted lake stones.

Once you find a rock, take a picture with it, put it back where you found it and then follow the steps below for a chance to win.

How to enter #VORocks contest:

  1. Tag @VisitOakville in the photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  2. Use the hashtag #VORocks in the caption
  3. Identify where you found the rock in the caption

The #VORocks scavenger hunt will run until August 31, 2021 and the winners will be notified directly by Visit Oakville on September 1, 2021.

Note: Every new stone location identified counts as an entry, so you can submit multiple photos.

Why should I participate in the #VORocks scavenger?

Oakville is such a special place. This scavenger hunt will allow you to explore what Oakville has to offer. It will allow you to become more familiar with what is in the local area and visit new places that you may not have explored before. While searching for #VORocks take the opportunity to spend the entire day exploring the town. After each location below, I have included an insider tip about cool spots or activities for you to explore.

Before heading out on your scavenger hunt be sure to pack these things:

–     Camera and or mobile device

–     Family/friend

–     Sun protection

–     Comfy footwear


Westwood Park

Nestled in Kerr Village, you will find Westwood Park. This tranquil park is home to a large gazebo, lots of green space and many benches for you to sit on and overlook the view. There is a garden area that has a paved path, facing Wilson Street near the back of the park. In the garden, you will spot a garden gnome with a red hat and the #VORocks stone right beside it.

Insider Tip: Kerr Village is home to the beloved movie theater Stop by to watch a movie while you are in the area and support this local small business. They even have $6.50 tickets every Tuesday!

Fisherman’s Wharf

Right along the Bronte harbour you will find Oakville’s scenic Fisherman’s Wharf. There you will find the Bronte Fishermen’s Memorial monument. This monument is dedicated to the fishermen that battled the unforgiving lake to earn a living and ultimately help make Bronte a fishing community. You can find your next rock on the bottom of the monument.

Insider Tip: Life is better with ice cream right? Before leaving the Bronte harbour pick up some ice cream at Duckie’s Dairy Bar. Their ice cream is amazing and they have a variety of unique flavours. In the mood for shopping, visit Ananda Soul and purchase products that will give you a deeper connection to your soul. If you are searching for energy healing or want to feel tranquility and peace, this is a store you must visit.

Oakville Museum

Erchless Estate, which is now known as the Oakville Museum, was built in 1858 by Robert Kerr Chisholm, the son of William Chisholm, a Customs Collector for the Town of Oakville.

For over six generations the Chisholm family lived on the estate. Today, the museum is open for pre-booked tours. You can find the painted rock at the bottom of a flower pot near the bench at the front of the Museum.

Insider Tip: Downtown Oakville is a lively shopping and cultural district that is home to over 400 businesses. Stop by the beautiful DTO sign in the town square or grab a doughnut at the new doughnut spot, Wallflower Doughnuts in Tribeca Coffee.

Bayshire Woods Trail

This trail is located in a luscious forest in a local residential area, and features a lot of shade and gorgeous bridges. It is perfect for all hiking skill levels, as the paved path is wide and level and can be used for walking, running and biking. Visit this trail for fresh air and quiet reflection. You can find the painted rock on the bridge by the entrance of the trail off of Glenvista Drive and Bayshire Drive.

Insider Tip: This trail is a short distance away from Oakville Entertainment Centrum. Try out mini golf and enjoy some friendly competition at Putting Edge.  

Hilton Garden Inn

Treat yourself to a lovely stay at this local hotel Located off of the QEW between Ford Drive and Winston Churchill Boulevard. Consider supporting the Hilton Garden Inn and the many other hotels in Oakville by booking a couple of nights for a little staycation, reserving their meeting rooms for work gatherings, or hosting your next celebration in their event spaces. You can find the painted rock in the garden at the front of the building.

Insider Tip: This hotel is close to the Oakville Entertainment Centrum as well. Watch a movie at Cineplex, grab some sushi at K&B Sushi, or some dessert at Demetres.

I hope these location will help you get your search started with the #VORocks scavenger hunt. Happy searching!

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