July 8, 2021

By: Karisa Simon

There is no better quick summer escape than heading outside for a walk. Though it can sometimes be difficult to find a quiet space with everyone out on local trails, I went on an adventure and found one of Oakville’s best kept secrets.

What trail am I talking about? Edgemere Promenade.

There are two entrances to this secluded lakeside trail. One is through a path on Lakeshore Road that leads from Wedgewood Creek. The second entrance is located on the south end of Maple Grove Drive from Lakeshore Road, which is where I entered.

There is street parking throughout this neighborhood so you can walk over pretty easily. There are time restrictions, however, so you could also park in Downtown Oakville and extend your walk if you’re interesting in making it a longer journey.

I heard from friends that Edgemere Promenade has an amazing waterfront view of Lake Ontario, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. The view was breathtakingly beautiful and I could not believe that I never knew it existed.

I was able to walk along the shoreline, look out into the gorgeous whites and blues of the open water and relax. The sky was so bright when I was out and some areas in the water were so clear, it reminded me of being in Tobermory, Ontario. The tranquility of this trail is so wonderful, you will not want to leave. I will definitely be coming back to Edgemere Promenade in the future.

Though the trail system was relatively short, I was able to make a few trips from one side to the other and revel in the peaceful quiet. Occasionally there were other people walking the trail, but compared to other well-known trails in Oakville, it was not very busy. There were a few benches that were available to sit on as well, so I could take in the gorgeous view of Oakville’s lakeshore while listening to the waves lap against the rocks.

Just a reminder, when visiting any trails this summer, be sure to respect the space, follow the rules posted on all signs and abide by trail by-laws. For this trail, cyclists are asked to dismount, the area is closed from dusk until 6 a.m. and all visitors are asked to keep off of the rocks.

Please be aware that this is a quiet trail with houses nearby. We ask that all visitors respect the space, leave the trail how you found it and avoid overcrowding if it is already populated.

If you are looking for a gentle and low-key trail to visit this summer, go to Edgemere Promenade for a little mindfulness, photography or quiet reflection. You will not regret it.

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