July 2, 2021

By: Lauren Lim

If you had no idea International Picnic Day was two weeks ago, you’re not alone.

I recently came upon this holiday, and was delighted to find that it beautifully aligns with the opening of many outdoor dining experiences! Karisa has got your patio experience covered later this week, so today I’ll be sharing my best advice for creating aesthetic picnics.

Here are five steps you need to followto plan a beautifully aesthetic picnic in Oakville:

  1. Pick your spot

Find your perfect picnic spot by going through Oakville’s park directory, which includes information about park amenities such as splash pads, picnic tables, washrooms, etc. Please remember to social distance and avoid areas that are already crowded. Plan to have a backup park in mind in case your first stop is already busy.

I chose the quaint and peaceful First Street Park (Oakville, ON L6J 3R3), which has available street parking from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday. This park is small, so I had lots of privacy, and the large flat boulders at the edge of the water served as a perfect table for all the food!

Insider Tips: Research park amenities, park hours and parking spaces, and have a backup destination in mind!

  1. Get a variety of local eats

This was such a fun way to explore all of the amazing cuisine Oakville has to offer and support local small businesses! Here is what I decided to order:

Watermelon Lime Juice from Green Press (270 Lakeshore Rd E.)

This was super refreshing and they have so many unique flavours to choose from.

Italian Sausage Pizza from Paradiso (125 Lakeshore Rd E.)

This restaurant deserves all the rave reviews it gets. Amazing customer service and quality ingredients you can really taste.

Strawberry Chocolate Belgian Waffle from Chocolato (236 Lakeshore Rd E.)

This chocolate waffle is next level! If you have a sweet tooth like me, it’s a must-try.

Blueberry Lemon Muffin from Jubilee Fruit Market (104 Allan St.)

Their blueberry lemon muffin was moist, had the perfect level of sweetness and was filled with big blueberry pieces.

Here is my Google Maps journey. Google’s street view allows me to visually see my journey, making me feel more comfortable in exploring new places!

Insider Tips: Research how to order, buy from various local businesses to show support and map out your journey before heading out.

  1. Be playlist ready

Whatever your genre or artist of choice is, put together your perfect playlist and let it set the atmosphere for your picnic! If you’re thinking about bringing a small speaker, make sure to have it fully charged and keep the music nice and low to avoid interrupting others.

Insider Tips: Curate your summer playlist, charge any necessary devices.

  1. Bring entertainment

If you’re with loved ones, board games are always a fun way to bring out people’s competitive side. Enjoy the outdoors and their company with board games such as Monopoly Deal, Chameleon, Pictionary, or classic card games. If you’re seeking a little less chaos, listen to some podcasts or read a book.

Insider Tips: Fill your picnic with what YOU love to do! This is your time to recharge and relax.

  1. Set the vibe

I mean, we’re already making great memories, so why not have some beautiful pictures as proof?

Optimal Lighting: I opted for a flat boulder with sunlight streaming through tree branches. This gave great indirect sunlight and leaf-shaped shadows for great pictures.

Picnic Blanket: Use a picnic mat, blanket or an old bed sheet like I used here! Keep in mind that some surfaces may be wet/uneven and that bugs exist, so choose your padding and material accordingly.

Plants: Here we have some dried grass-like stems adding a bit of warmth and texture to photos! You can also opt for battery operated lights, unlit candles, or solar-powered lanterns.

Insider Tips: Look for spaces that have both natural sunlight and shade, consider your environment, bring on the decor!

Can you tell I had an amazing time creating this picnic? I hope you’ve gained some insight into how you can make an outdoor dining experience completely your own. The possibilities are endless when it comes to aesthetic picnics.

Save this blog for later and be sure to tag us in your picnic experience! I’ll see you guys next week as we continue to explore this beautiful city together.

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