September 22, 2020

By: Emilie Lapointe

Oakville and golf go hand-in-hand, as the city boasts some of the most revered courses in Ontario. Glen Abbey has hosted the most Canadian Opens with 30 to date, and the course is an official heritage site! So why not extend golfing season beyond spring and summer and have some fall fun at a local course or driving range?

As a major amateur golfer who often struggles to make simple contact with the ball, the driving range is more “on par” with my skill level or lack thereof. It offers a chance to practice and perfect your swing without the pressure of going through a whole course or holding up others.

Tee up at Tee Zone

Visiting Tee Zone was the perfect socially distant activity for me to take on in the cooler weather. Masks are required when in the shop and once you make your way outside there’s plenty of space to roam, practice your putting, aim for some targets and get yourself out of some sticky situations (there’s a sandpit for practice). All golfers have their own grassy mat and designated space so there is plenty of room to practice your money shot!

Golfers can choose between a small, medium or large bucket, so there are options for everyone no matter what your budget or how much time you have. I chose a small bucket (for $9) and got 40 balls! As a beginner, the small bucket was the right choice because I’m not good enough to hit ball after ball with ease.

Finish your session with a beer (or two!) on the outdoor patio and watch others’ techniques from the sidelines.

Once you’ve had some time to perfect your game, I’ve compiled the list below of courses in Oakville to check out. Go on a Golf Crawl in Oakville this fall season!

Where to putt and golf in Oakville

Advice for beginners

  1. Start with a visit to the driving range to get a feel for your swing and making contact with the ball
  2. Watch some YouTube videos – Whenever I try something new that requires good form, I make sure to watch a few videos to grasp the basics
  3. Watch others and ask for advice – Locals are so friendly, you could easily find a more seasoned golfer and ask for some pointers
  4. Bring along a friend or family member that has more experience to help!
  5. Dress comfortably – Unlike golf courses, there is no strict dress code at the driving range. Make sure to dress in clothes you are comfortable in
  6. Make it fun! – Give yourself some mini target goals, take in the beautiful views, shoot like Happy Gilmore and bring along my Bingo sheet (below) for an added challenge

Oakville golf bingo: