September 10, 2020

By: Mrinalini Sundar

I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day or allocating one day for love. I am the kind of person who makes every day special and romantic especially because my husband and I had an arranged marriage. It’s been six years now and we show our love for each other by making every day special with little gestures that speak a zillion words.

We had done the usual candlelight dinners, couple massages, box of chocolates and roses, so I wanted to try something different and special. I decided to explore all the places in and around Oakville where one can catch the sunset with their special someone. There is nothing more romantic than taking in the vast colourful skies and, infinite blue waters of Lake Ontario as you cozy up with your loved one. Plus, it is super Instagram-worthy!

Please remember to be respectful and social distance when exploring Oakville’s parks. If you see a full parking lot at a location, try a different spot or find your own special perch away from any crowds.

Here are six spots where you can find the best sunsets around Oakville:

1. Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park

2340 Ontario St

With the lighthouse and boats on one side and water on the other, this lakeside walk will transport you to a cinematic world. The additional height (thanks to the rocks) near the lighthouse gives you an edge and helps capture the perfect sunset. Grab a seat and spend the entire evening lost in a conversation with your loved one. You could also get a quick takeaway dinner for the evening.

Insider tip: Get there early to find a perfect spot. For a more elaborate photograph, you could climb up on the rocks. It is also a great spot for couples photoshoots.

2. Coronation Park

1426 Lakeshore Rd W

This park is a great spot for an evening picnic, as its vast beach hosts an uninhibited view of Lake Ontario’s magnificent sunsets. Spread your blanket, listen to some romantic songs, and enjoy the evening of love and togetherness.

Insider tip: There is a sandpit for the kids if you want to go with the whole family. We also think this is a great spot for proposals.

3. Tannery Park

10 Walker St

Try viewing Oakville from the water and charter a boat ride from CharterAbility to the gorgeous Tannery Park, You’ll find a beautifully erected stone cairn at the park’s raised outlook which was placed there in 1989. There is also a modern pump house and signage. I loved the spot for the views of Toronto, the sunset, the harbour and Lakeside Park.

Insider tip: Check out stunning views of Toronto from the observation deck on a clear day. If you are into history, this park has plaques with little tiny details about Oakville’s past.

4. Lakeside Park

2 Navy St

Take a little walk away from Tannery Park and you will find yourself at Lakeside Park. Bring along a picnic sheet, pick a spot by the water and enjoy the evening. Get yourself some charcuterie and you are all set for a romantic night out. You might just fall a little more in love at this spot.

Insider tip: Remember to bring bug spray with you to keep your romantic night pest-free.

5. Sovereign House

7 W River St

Get away from the busy city at this secluded spot amidst nature and artistically designed houses. A narrow trail path will lead you to this hidden gem where you can perch yourself under the trees. The rays sparkling on the water make this spot magical. There is also a secluded trail that you can explore together before stepping back to the streets and admiring this historic home.

Insider tip: Parking is available in the Sovereign House parking lot and the Bronte Beach parking lot. If you park at the Bronte Beach lot, you can explore the bluffs before walking up to the Sovereign house outlook.

6. South Shell Park

3376 Lakeshore Rd W

This small, cozy park with a lakeside trail is one of my favourites. While my son was busy playing at the park, my husband and I spent time on the bench overlooking the lake. You can also climb down a few steps and sit on the rocks while gazing at the lake. As for the trail, it is quiet and perfect for some cozy time.

Insider tip: Take a panoramic shot while you’re there to capture the vast beauty of this lakeside destination.

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