August 20, 2015


Gluten in a protein that is found in many grains and natural flavorings, packaged spices and preservatives. Sometimes even chocolates, flavored teas and processed meats have gluten in them. For those who are gluten free, eating out at a restaurant can often feel almost impossible to accomplish. Oakville has done a great job in providing gluten free restaurants within their menus. Some options include:

Julia’s Ristorante – 312 Lakeshore Rd., E.

Paradiso Restaurant – 125 Lakeshore Rd, E

Bamboo Legend – Foxcreek Plaza, 2501 Third Line

Milestones – 3529 Wyecroft Rd.

Voila Gluten Free Bakery – 22 Lakeshore Rd., W.

If you know of any gluten free restaurants or restaurants that include great gluten free options please share it with us!

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