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Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

Sunday, September 23, 2018
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018 7 p.m.


$25 Regular Seating
$20 Big Ticket Members
$20 Big Ticket Plus Members

Back for the second year, this international festival brings you the best outdoor films from around the world! Feel the excitement, passion and challenges through many short films about many radical topics!

Films: Total time – 123 minutes

Surf the Line

3 Mins

For The Flying Frenchies, thinking out of the box isn’t a choice – it’s a way of life! Taking surfboarding to all
new heights.


9 Mins

At the ripe old age of 90, Yvonne Dowlen has been ice skating for as long as she can remember. Edges is a
celebration of a life lived well.

Into Twin Galaxies – A Greenland Epic

52 Mins

3 National Geographic “Adventurers of the Year “ embark on a remarkable kayaking mission in Greenland.
Kite skiing over 1000 kilometres of the Greenland Ice Cap, they tow their white water kayaks to reach the
most northern river ever paddled.

Imagination: Tom Wallisch

4 Mins

Have you ever been that little kid sitting in the back seat of your parents car, wishing you were somewhere
else? So you imagine a skier on the side of the road, your fingers commanding back flips and roof drops,
improbable rail slides and huge airs. Well what if your imagination came to life?

Loved By All: The Story of Apa Sherpa

14 Mins

Apa Sherpa has climbed Mount Everest 21 times, but he wouldn’t wish this upon anybody. Having grown up in
the remote Khumbu region of Nepal, Apa was forced to leave school and work as a porter at the age of 12. For
Nepal’s rural people, the income earned as a high altitude porter conflicts with the dreams made possible only
through education and knowledge.

Intersection: Micayla Gatto

5 Mins

Mountain biker Micayla Gatto takes the viewer into her world as a painter and as an athlete, riding through
beautifully created masterpieces where colours come to life and reality blends with art.

Where The Wild Things Play

4 Mins

There’s an ongoing dialogue of asking why aren’t there more females in the adventure industry? Whether it’s
in big mountain skiing, climbing, or whitewater kayaking. Well it’s about time we found out Where The Wild
Things Play.


7 Mins

Iceland. A cold, rugged and forbidding landscape where powerful rivers plunge through bedrock gorges, over
massive waterfalls toward the sea. A crew of French kayakers travel here to ask the question, “Why? Why do
we do this?”


25 Mins

Maureen Beck has never let the fact that she is missing her lower left arm hold her back from climbing. She
doesn’t want to be considered a good one-armed climber, or a good female climber…she just wants to be a
plain good climber.

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