Events in Oakville

Anda Union

Thursday, April 18, 2019
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts

Anda Union

Thursday, April 18, 2019 8 p.m.

Oakville Centre, AEG Liebherr Auditorium


$52 Regular Seating
$45 Big Ticket Members
$41 Big Ticket Plus Members

A compelling combination of Mongolian musical styles coalesce into the rich and powerful music of Anda Union.

Hailing from differing ethnic nomadic cultures, the nine-member band unites tribal and musical traditions from all over Inner Mongolia utilizing a wide range of instruments and vocal throat singing styles in a fusion that would make Genghis Khan proud.

Highlighting instruments like the Morin Hurr (also known as the “Horse Head fiddle”) and the Moadin choir (a reed flute which is played while singing), Anda Union has taken up the fight to preserve an age-old culture by increasing awareness of its traditions.

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